Granular understanding of The electoral populace

Our Strengths

Turnkey Election Campaign Management

We provide end to end Election Campaign Management Services. We use our proprietary technology tools and databases to create a granular understanding of the electoral populace. Our survey methodology enables us to gauge the mood of the constituency daily, at our desired segment level. We create micro strategies based on past electoral behaviour, changing political dynamics and key electoral issues. Our cumulative experience in managing large scale election campaigns while collaborating with relevant stake-holders (party cadre, leadership, media, vendors, influencers, legal experts etc) in tandem with our operational excellence ensures efficient execution of these strategies

Communication and Perception Management

We live in an age of instant amplification. The greatest brands in the world are also the greatest communicators. At Jarvis, we specialise in formulating and executing targeted communication plans for our clients. This we achieve by constantly gauging the sentiments of the audience by use of modern NLP technologies and rapid AB testing. Our services include- agenda driven narrative building, reputation management and crisis management.

Community Outreach

We visualise communities as an aggregation of individuals with common interests, ideas and viewpoints. We develop an in-depth understanding of the requisite community through Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), issue-based research and psychometric studies. This enables us to effectively engage with and influence these communities through platforms that are responsive and multi-dimensional.

Psephological research and analytics

Data is the life blood of decisions. At Jarvis, all our decisions internally, and externally for the client, are data driven. We use advanced analytics and data sciences to constantly monitor and design actionable insights from conversations happening on social and traditional media platforms. The data collected by our on-ground teams and survey partners, help us further classify voters into homogeneous groups with high degree of accuracy using our data segmentation mechanism. We have designed a feedback-based communication system enabling targeted communication to different groups. We have advanced survey capabilities that help us predict the opinion of people on various issues.

Political Organization, Mobilization and Management

Well organised and motivated volunteers / cadre are the biggest strength of a political party and are crucial in successfully implementing any grassroot campaign. We use the same organisational practices and technologies used by Fortune 100 companies to manage their field force and adapt it to the political context. Our approach is field tested, and we have mobilised and engaged millions of party workers till date.

Governmental and Public-Sector Consulting

We engage with governments in ideating and executing data driven, tech enhanced public policy strategies. Our focus areas include effective last mile delivery of development programs, creating feedback mechanisms for implementation effectiveness of policies and catalysing collaboration with non-governmental institutes. Our execution methodology is based on rapid test and deploy approach where we cut the margin for errors by field testing our plans and then create a plug and play execution plan based on our learnings.

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We leverage data and technology to drive large scale political campaigns design action-oriented community outreach formulate targeted communications create development programs that work

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