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– Jarvis Technology and Strategy Consulting (Jarvis) is a boutique strategy consulting firm founded in 2016 and headquartered in Mumbai.

Why we're here-

The domain of electioneering and politics in the country has known to be hugely fragmented and devoid of structure. Absence of accountability, excessive spending by political parties and lack of transparency from the leadership are a few factors infiltrating the political domain.

At Jarvis, our efforts are targeted at plugging these loopholes using technology, data and research. Our ultimate mission is to contribute in nation building by pushing an agenda of people friendly, business friendly governance with a strong focus on inclusive growth. We are selective in choosing leaders, political parties or governments to partner with

We are on the path of becoming the largest technology leveraging, analytics-based strategy consulting firm, working in the domain of politics and governance.

About Company

We leverage data and technology to drive large scale political campaigns design action-oriented community outreach formulate targeted communications create development programs that work

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